Statement Regarding Neustadt Grid:


Myself and some of my staff members have been getting grief over my decision about banning Neustadt Grid. I would like to clear the air regarding this matter. First and foremost when I do decide to ban a grid from World of Ascension (WoA) users are able to access and the other grid accessing WoA, it’s never taken lightly. I do not condone content theft, it doesn’t matter if it real life or virtual they are still considered goods and are created by a person, with that said, I take these matters seriously and when I make this kind of decision, I’m not punishing my users, I’m protecting them; just like any other grid owner would.

I’m not in this business to please everybody, because I know I can’t. I’m truly sorry if this decision has affected some of my users, but I’m only doing what I believe is right.

WoA is not the only grid Neustadt has been blocked from, it is blocked on Forgotten Realities (FR) also and others that I will not name here. Neustadt was also banned before when the WoA and FR were running 0.9, it went unblocked for awhile because of a configuration issue which has now been fixed.

They have also been blocked (banned) for another reason. They’re allowing child avatars to participate in BDSM, which is strictly forbidden in any shape or form. I don’t allow that kind of behavior on WoA or FR. Yes they may be pixel’s but to most, that doesn’t matter. I’m also not in this business to change others peoples opinion because I know that isn’t possible. Again, I am truly sorry this has effected some of my users, but I need to do what’s best for my business. Protecting our users is one of our top priorities and we will continue to do.

Mark Hitz aka Mark Shadowblade (CEO of Terion Entertainment and owner of World of Ascension)