Future of World of Ascension

I’m glad that the grid has been able to stay open for almost 2 years come June and we’ve gone through so much since the beta stage of World of Ascension. As for now, there is much needed change to be done, since in the past year we have lost users and new user registrations have all but seized. There are a few announcements I would like to make regarding what will be happening for the future of the grid:


First off, the reputation for World of Ascension in the Metaverse has gone down quite a bit and the person responsible has been dealt with and is no longer allowed on the grid. Now it’s time to repair the damage they have caused. As you all know, child on adult sex as always been banned as well as child on child sex. This is a huge issue and the biggest contributor to World of Ascensions reputation taking a plunge. From here on out, the rule will be enforced even more so, if anybody is caught having sex as a child anywhere on the World of Ascension grid, this will result in a permanent suspension to the service. Please keep in mind, your usage of this service is only a privilege not a right and therefore because you agree to the ToS, you must abide by them at tall times. Child on child sex has always been banned to users that reside in a country where there are laws that exist where the user can be charged as a sex offender, these countries, to my knowledge are: Germany and countries that reside in the United Kingdom, if anyone from these countries participate in these activities and they are caught, I legally have to report them to their local authorities. I don’t want to have to do that because these involve serious life consequences. With that said, there are multiple grids where users from World of Ascension cannot go, one in particular is DigiWorldz. Before you visit a grid that does not allow kid avatars, please check with their rules and change into an adult avatar before visiting them.


Secondly, I have been slacking on a lot of things and I apologize, sometimes real life does get in the way of getting things done. I haven’t written anything else in the book I’m working on, but I will be starting again real soon. Also I will be working on some more sims, while upgrading existing ones to version 2. The welcome center which is part of the City of Ascension, I will be adding more things to it and also some more things to the Nievan Quarter where the main gate to the city is at. I will be meshing a new and bigger wall, this way is coincides better with the story. The Gate’s of Ascension are actually 2 gates. I will be adding the second gate as soon as I can get to working on the Sundered Plains, which is located just south of the City of Ascension. The Sundered Plains is a desolate region, the very ground was corrupted during a war that happened a few centuries ago. During that time, the Dark Elves corrupted dragons in hope to seize control of the City in which they failed, although all the dragons were killed, their remains seeped into the ground which caused it to become corrupted. More about this will be explained in Book 1. I know I mentioned starting RP earlier this year, this is still in the works.


Lastly, I will be contacting the local college to set up an internship program where the students can work with me in helping me create these regions as well as helping merge both of our web sites together. This will all take time and we hope to bring in more users and help bring existing users back.


I ask for your continued patience on these matters and also introduce Premium Accounts. Any questions or concerns, or if you’d like to volunteer your services please contact me by email at terion.entertainment@gmail.com


Mark Shadowblade