World of Ascension is owned and operated by Terion Entertainment anything associated with World of Ascension i.e. Grid, Web Site, Mainland Regions, & Mainland Region Content. Please read the ToS in it’s entirety not only does it protect us but it also protects you as a user. We here at the Terion Entertainment strive to create a pleasant experience for all of our users. Everybody is treated equally not differently.

Terion Entertainment was created my Mark Hitz (Mark Shadowblade) in June of 2017, World of Ascension was founded in June of 2017. Without the World of Ascension there would be no Terion Entertainment.

The Temple of Amorai is owned and operated by Terion Entertainment. More exciting sims are planned in order to progress the story behind the World of Ascension. These will come in waves. These are as follows: The Throne of Ascension which will reside on Ascension Palace region when it becomes available. The Tomb of the Eternal King which will be on the Palace grounds. More info will be coming soon. I hope you all love a great story. Did I happen to mention that I’m an unpublished author? I have 1 short story written, 1 in progress, also a novel in progress. I love stories I hope you all do too.

Regions that are operated by Terion Entertainment are the Ascension Grounds, Ascension Gardens, Ascension Sandbox, and Amorai where the Ascension Business District and the Temple of Amorai reside.

Terion Entertainment does have a mentorship program. Some information is located in the World of Ascension Welcome Center. More information will be available on the web site at a later time.

Terion Entertainment\World of Ascension founder:
Mark Hitz (Mark Shadowblade) – Founder – mark.shadowblade@outlook.com