I would like to make an update on the progress of the World of Ascension Grid, I will be bringing in more people onto the grid to help with the redevelopment of the mainland regions. As some of you already know, I have been extremely busy with writing the World of Ascension Series which has taken a lot of my time. Soon more drastic redevelopment of the World of Ascension Grid will be taking place. Right now, I am currently working on upgrades to the datacenter. A few months ago, I have announced that the single player game for the Age of the Guardian Trilogy, formally the Age of Ascension Trilogy, will begin official development this summer, due to unexpected reasons, it may take longer to begin development. When development does begin, I will make another announcement. Also due to health reasons this month, the writing of the World of Ascension Series has been put off, working on datacenter upgrades and database upgrades actually relaxes me more since I’m not on a deadline. I know a lot of people have been waiting for the World of Ascension Grid to reopen, since it’s been closed for almost a year. When it’s just one person working on it, it adds stress because it’s a lot of work, this is why I chose to put it off. If anybody would like to join the development of the regions on the World of Ascension Grid, please keep in mind that these are not paid positions only voluntary and educational. You may inquire by emailing me at terion.entertainment@gmail.com. Any help would be appreciated.

At this time, World of Ascension is closed so we may work on the mainland regions and revamp some things. Unfortunately, the old database could not be saved due to issues. When World of Ascension is open to the public again, we will not be allowing any copybotted items, even if you have permission to use them. Previously I allowed some to be used on the grid, but required actual permission from the creator, due to people not following the section of the ToS that explains this, I won’t be allowing anymore of this at all. Even digital objects such as skins, objects, etc that are made by someone and are taken through copybotting is still theft and is illegal. The ToS will be updated accordingly.

Mark Hitz aka Mark Shadowblade – Founder and CEO of Terion Entertainment and Founder of World of Ascension



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