Open Beta has been extended to September 5th, 2017.  Any questions please feel free to message Mark Shadowblade in world or email which you will find his email on the support page.


The world has been built.  Open Beta is now live, please be sure to add to your grid manager.  Which means registrations will be open to the public and if they see any issues please send them to the bug reports email address.  Under support.  If it's an OpenSimulator issue then all I will be able to do is send a bug report to the OpenSimulator team.  I hope to see a lot of new people in the World of Ascension, I would love to see this world grow.


Also we recommend Firestorm Viewer because of the stability and better experience overall for virtual worlds.


We offer free land for new users so please check out the Free Land page for more information and a photo of the 2 regions they reside on.


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